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Merola members and incoming class of Merola artists enjoy the 2009 Meet the Merolini member event in the Green Room.

Merola members get exclusive, behind-the-scenes experiences and help support the future of opera. See what our members receive here.

There is no better way to experience the magic of Merola than by becoming a member. Each summer, members get a unique, "backstage" view of the training of tomorrow’s opera stars. Special master classes allow Merola members to witness some of opera’s most exciting legends transfer their knowledge to the next generation. "Day at Merola" offers a glimpse into the thousand and one skills necessary to succeed in this most demanding of art forms. Exclusive receptions and events afford members the priceless opportunity to get to know the young artists—and hear first-hand how pivotal Merola is in their budding careers.

Whether they attend events and performances all summer, or appreciate from afar the crucial part they play in the success of Merola and its young artists, members are truly the lifeblood of the Merola Opera Program.

For membership questions or customizable donation plans, please contact Miriam Rosenfeld at 415.565.6427 or mrosenfeld @

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